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Employment Work Resources


Diligence On The Spot (DOTS)

Skills Assessment • Training • Benchmarking • Skills Re-Assessment • Reference • Job Placement

Diagnostic and Formative Skills Assessment upon application to determine existing skill sets and deficits to be developed. Training is based upon those assets and deficits. Benchmarking is performed throughout, and outcomes are recorded and reported bi-weekly during the interim. At the week prior to the last, the final benchmark outcome determines the Skills Assessment score and how the program participant will be placed for employment.


Emergency Medical Services

Fire Safety

Laboratory, Lab, Bloodwork, Urinalysis, Lab Work & Workup

Law Enforcement

Miscellaneous Badges

Miscellaneous Lights

Miscellaneous Wearables, Uniform Apparel


Memorabilia, Memories, Keepsake, Scrapbook, Social Media

Strategic Management

Twitch Services