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Whether they swim, fly, slither around, are cute and furry with bark and bite or whiskers and a purr, stuff food and litter in the sides of their jaws or hang upside down by their tails, they have to eat, drink, eliminate waste, exercise, be entertained and be loved and love back in their own way. Our mission is to provide the essential tools you need to make it all possible. Our very special Wednesday, every week, ”Don’t Forget, Bring Your Pet”, allows pet moms and dads to bring pets to the mall to spend the day grooming, exercising, eating and just having a plain old fun-filled family day like is spent with human kids. Come on out and revel in this phenomenal concept with us every Wednesday's Don’t Forget, Bring Your Pet!

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Not only is the durability of stainless steel bowls of excellent quality but the bowls are very easy to clean, as well. If you have a cat who likes playing with his water bowl, a bowl with a wider base, a rubber bottom just might be a better fit for him. Try it because, its base being wide makes the bowl comparably more of a challenge to tip, and rubber on the bottom prevents skidding.


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